The Football Season and Booking a Trip to See Your Team Play

The football season has only just finished and people are already planning how they can see their beloved team play in the new season. Football fans are passionate about their team and they will follow them all over the country, just to watch them play.

Some fans will have season tickets that cost a lot of money and they will still want to spend even more money by travelling to their away games. This means that the cost of being a football fan can soar into the thousands.

If this sounds familiar to you and you want to know how to save money travelling to the away games, then read ahead for some cost saving solutions.


For season ticket holders, there are supporters clubs that will have bus trips to and from the away team stadium that are a lot cheaper than driving themselves.

They will club their money in together and pay for a coach so that they can there and back in the same day. But, not all supporters are part of the supporter’s clubs and they don’t always have season tickets.


For these supporters, it is probably a lot more cost effective to get the train to the stadium and then stay overnight and get the train home in the เว็บตรงทางเข้า มือถือ morning when the crowds have dispersed.

Supporters are able to get tickets for trains within 3 months of the game date. They just have to log onto a good train website and see if they have cheap train tickets available.

The cheap tickets do sell out incredibly fast, so supporters are encouraged to book their train tickets early to avoid disappointment. If supporters do miss the cheap tickets, they do have one more option for transportation.

Car Pool

They do have the option to drive to the stadium themselves. This might be expensive because they will have to pay for petrol and pay for parking, so some supporters will do this and make sure that they have a car pool.

This is where people take other people to the game and they share the cost of the petrol and the parking. If it is a long journey, then they can share the driving and it is cost effective to get there and back.

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